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Zombs Royale 2

Zombs Royale is one of the most addictive and interesting battle royale games that you have ever played and today I woruld like to introduce the second edition of the game with a lot of interesting features and upgrades - Zombs Royale 2. This game is N1 battle royale game on most gaming websites and now you are able to play the full version of the game at our website too. As I have already told you, the main game mode of this game is called Battle Royale and that's pretty interesting - your player is dropped by parachute to a location. You can choose the time when to deploy the plane and where you can find a better ammo. As soon as you landed, you must try to find good weapons to survive. In the new version of the game you will discover new wonderful maps and some new weapons. The game is available on all platforms so have fun playing it for free at our website.

How To Play Zombs Royale 2 ?

The game continues until there is only one player left so you must generate a winning strategy. As for me, the best strategy to succeed in the Battle Royale game is to deploy the plane in the place where there is almost no players and where you can easily find the best weapons. Most of the weapons are hidden inside the boxes but some of them can be also hidden inside the building or just lay on the ground. The good thing is that you can carry more than fire different weapons. Choosing best weapon for the winning strategy is also very important - I always try to find weapons with different battle range - a rocket launcher, sniper rifle, shotgun and others.

Battle Royale is also available in other game modes, including Solo, Duo and Squad. In solo mode you are playing alone against all other players, while Duo and Squad more gives you opportunity to play Team vs Team. The best way to unlock all items and upgrades is to create a free account and store the progress there. Enjoy the game with us and have fun.

Game Controls
[W][A][S][D] - move
[M] or [Tab] - view map
[E] - interact
[Left click] - shoot
[Right click] - open emoticon list
[R] - reload

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